The roof restoration FAQ’s

How much does it cost to restore a roof?

There are generally only three factors that determine how much it will cost to restore your roof: 

  1. The total square metreage of the roof surface
  2. The number of ridgecaps that need to be re-bedded and re-pointed
  3. The number of chipped or cracked tiles that need to be replaced.

Each roof is different, so it will need to be inspected and measured prior to you receiving your free quote. However, consider the following hypothetical examples as a guide to the breakdown of costs: 

Please see the pricing page for current information on how roof restoration pricing is calculated. 

Enfield Roof restorations always works to a fixed price for each of the three factors. Rest assured, your roof quote will not be over-inflated so it can be discounted later during negotiations. You will receive a type-written quotations that is fixed. The only part of the quote that may vary is the number of tiles that need to be replaced. You will be given an estimation but the actual amount may be slightly more or less than was indicated. If you are able, you can even do the tile replacements for yourself and you can save some money. 

There are a few things that may increase the cost of restoring your roof:

  • Second story restorations
  • Steep pitch roofs
  • Access issues
  • Previously painted roofs
  • Rough textured tiles such as ‘Black Widows’
  • Rusted valleys or roof sheeting
  • Some deep tile profiles such as ‘Madrids’
  • Heat reflective membranes
How do I know you’re not going to rip me off?

Unfortunately the roof restoration industry is dominated by large companies that employ salespeople on commissions. There are also a number of ‘cowboy’ operators out there that give the industry a bad name. 

Enfield Roof Restorations relies on word-of-mouth advertising and steadfastly adheres to principles of honesty, reliability and professionalism. We are only as good as our last job, and your trust and happiness with your roof restoration is what counts to us. One bad job could destroy our good name in the community. We want happy customers and five star reviews. 

You will deal with one tradesperson (Justin Meldrum) who owns the business, gets up on the roof to measure the roof, quotes the job, cleans the roof, paints the roof and writes out the ten year warranty at the end of the job. The only other tradesperson that will work on your roof is the ridgecap repairer. Unlike some companies, when we say we’re going to strip and re-bed your ridgecaps, we actually do it rather than just re-pointing them. When we say we apply four coats as part of our membrane process, we apply four coats. 

You are protected by a genuine ten year warranty that is backed by the membrane manufacturer (Acryloc) and by Enfield Roof Restorations. The roof is accurately measured so that the correct amount of materials are purchased. If more materials are required during the restoration, it is purchased at the expense of Enfield Roof Restorations. Your quotation is fixed and will not vary unless you ask for additional work to be completed that falls outside the scope of the quotation. Any variations are discussed fully prior to any work being undertaken. 

If you would like to inspect some previous roof restorations carried out by Enfield Roof Restorations, simply ask and you will be given numerous addresses across the metropolitan area of Adelaide. 

Aside from a deposit of $1000.00, you will not be asked to pay any further money until the completion of the job. Once you are entirely satisfied with the quality of the job, the balance will be due.

Why would I want to use a small company like Enfield Roof Restorations instead of a larger company?

There are only a few manufacturers of Roof Membrane coatings. All roof restoration companies use basically the same materials under different labels. If the quote you get from Enfield Roof Restorations is a little cheaper, it is not because the work is inferior. It’s usually the opposite, but you’re not paying for all the overheads of the larger companies.

If you feel more comfortable dealing with a larger company that does lots of expensive advertising and employs salespeople then that is your choice and right. Bear in mind that advertising campaigns are expensive and so are salespeople. All those costs have to be passed on to the homeowner.

When you ring a large roofing company you will speak with a receptionist who will organize a salesperson to come to your house. Usually they won’t even get up on your roof. They work on commission, so they don’t want to waste their time unless they get the sale. Because they don’t measure your roof accurately, they will have to allow extra for things that could go wrong, so you pay more.

They have all the slick sales tricks. They will start high and hassle you until you sign. They will ring the boss and play silly games and tell you that they are getting you a great deal. You might get a ‘discount’ if you erect one of their signs at your property. You might even get a ‘free’ TV or steak knives!

Would you want to sign a contract with a company that was going to charge you and extra $4000 to $5000 only moments earlier?

When you ring Enfield Roof Restorations, you will deal with one person – Justin Meldrum. He will treat you with respect and listen to what you want. He will discuss all of the options available to you and let you decide what you want based on your individual needs and the condition of your roof. He will present you with a typewritten quote that itemises every stage of the roof restoration. There’s no hard sell.

If you decide not to go ahead with a quote from Enfield Roof Restorations, that’s okay too.

What sort of paint do you use?

Enfield Roof Restorations uses Acryloc Commercial Roof Coating Membranes for all roof restorations. Unless you specifically ask for something else, you will receive a four coat system consisting of an anti-fungal wash, a penetrating sealer and two coats of a specifically designed Roof Membrane that is designed for roofs. It is not regular paint. It is manufactured by Acryloc here in South Australia at Cavan. They are Adelaide based, Australian made and owned. All roof restorations come with a ten year warranty, unless your roof has been previously painted, in which case we can not offer the warranty.

How long will it last?

Your roof restoration coating is warrantied for ten years. However, it will most likely last for a lot longer than that. It will not blister, peel or flake within that time. If something does go wrong, you simply need to contact Enfield Roof Restorations and it will be inspected and fixed at no cost to you.

I’ve heard that pressure cleaning the roof can cause a lot of mess?

That is true. Sometimes it can be very messy. There may be years of dirt, mould and lichen on your roof. The pressure cleaning process may also remove some of the colour from your concrete tiles.

Every effort will be made to clean up your surroundings after the roof clean is complete. Your roof will be rinsed down with a low pressure cleaning wand at the end of the high pressure clean. Your gutters will be flushed out. The outside of the gutters and fascia will be rinsed and so will any walls, fences and footpaths that have become dirty during the process. Your neighbour’s properties will also be cleaned.

Unfortunately you may be left with a small amount of mess if the water pools in certain areas. This should be minimal.

If your gutters have been cleaned prior to the roof being pressure cleaned it will go a long way to preventing the worst mess. If your gutters are clogged with dirt and moss and leaves they will all make a huge mess as the roof is cleaned.

Do you replace gutters?

No. Enfield Roof Restorations only performs pressure cleaning, ridgecap repairs and membrane coatings.

I need to replace my gutters. Should I do that first?

Gutters do need to be replaced before the ridgecaps are stripped and re-set. This is because the tiles will need to be pushed back when the roof plumber attaches the gutter-straps to your fascias. If this is done after, it will most likely crack any ridgecap repairs near your gutterline.

If you are doing a full roof restoration, it is best to have the roof cleaned first, then guttering, followed by ridgecap repairs and finally spraying of the membrane coatings. This ensures your gutters remain nice and clean.

Are you licensed to perform roof restoration work?

Yes, Justin Meldrum holds a current contractor/supervisor licence for all pressure cleaning and roof painting (BLD 304280). All tradespeople that work at your property will hold current contractor licenses.

Are you insured?

Yes, Enfield Roof Restorations has Public Liability and Product insurance to the value of $20 million. Ask to see a copy of the certificate of currency.

Do you offer Heat Reflective Coatings?

Yes, Enfield Roof Restorations can apply a heat reflective membrane for an additional cost over the standard CRC membrane.