Roof Restoration Pricing

When you ask for a free measure and quote from Enfield Roof Restorations you will receive a typewritten quote that is itemised so you can see the breakdown of the costs involved. There are generally three factors that determine the cost of your roof restoration and that pricing is totally transparent as you will see below. There are no hidden costs and the price is fixed, unless you ask for additional work to be undertaken outside the scope of the quotation.

Ridgecap Repairs


(Excludes Madrid tiles – $20.00/cap)

Pressure clean and paint


(Excludes Madrid tiles – $25.00/m²)

Tile replacements


Tiles can be left with owner for disposal or a skip can be provided for $250.00

Example roof restoration pricing

The following examples are provided as a guide. They may not account for all costs involved or your individual circumstances.

Example 1

Average sized concrete tiled roof of 250m² with 80 ridgecaps and 40 tiles:

250m² @ $20.00/m² :  $5,000.00.00

80 ridgecaps @ $16.00/cap : $1,2800.00

40 replacement tiles @ $12.00/tile : $480.00

Total: $6,760.00

Example 2

Slightly larger Colorbond roof of 300m² in sound condition:

300m² @ $20.00/m² :  $6,000.00

Total: $6,000.00

Example 3

Very large concrete tiled roof of 420m² with 180 ridgecaps and 200 tiles to replace:

420m² @ $20.00/m² : $8,400.00

180 ridgecaps @ $16.00/cap : $2,880.00

200 replacement tiles @ $12.00/tile : $2,400.00

Total: $13,680.00

Example 4

Average sized concrete tiled roof of 260m² with Madrid tiles, 120 ridgecaps and 20 tiles to replace:

260m² @ $25/m² : $6,500.00

180 ridgecaps @ $20.00/cap : $3,600.00

20 replacement tiles @ $12.00/tile : $240.00

Total:  $10,340.00

Additional pricing

If you would like additional services such as Heat Reflective Coatings or High-build undercoat, speak with Enfield Roof Restorations for current pricing.

Before restoration

roof restorations enfield adelaide

After roof restoration

roof restorations enfield adelaide